[Free] pripri MARRON mini – Kawaii Puri Frame for Deco Photo

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We want to make image posting on Twitter more accessible. we want more people to tweet.

Such requests led to the creation of “pripri MARRON mini,” filled with “word bubble” items perfect for Twitter.

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Free to expand, shrink, and rotate the photos.

Take a picture or select one from a photo album. Of course, it is possible to rotate and resize by one the tip of a finger.

The best suited balloon expresses your delicate psychology.

Choose the most appropriate balloon from many kinds of them. Make different impression, depending on the shape of the balloon.

Give great freedom in editing.

Anytime you can scale,rotate,move,re-edit the text and write vertically. There is no compromise on features.

Come to Twitter directly.

You can post your finished work with a comment to Twitter. Of course it is easy to send via e-mail.

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[iPhone] Ver2.0.6 update.
[Android] Ver2.0.4 Update.
[Android] Ver2.0.2 update.
[iPhone] Ver2.0.2 update.
[Android] Ver2.0.0 release.
[iPhone] Ver1.0.0 release.