PriPri Marron Series

FEAR -Horror Stamp- for iPhone / iPod Touch


Introducing “pripri MARRON” for iPhone

Instantly morph anybody's face into that of a horrendous creature.
Immerse yourself in the world of true horror through pictures.

These are some of the comments from our users:
"Dangerously realistic!"
"I decided not to make it my background wallpaper..."
"So scary that I can't stare straight at it!"

Welcome to a world that you have yet to explore...

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From the very moment you snap that photo, you enter an eerie world... where even beauties are transformed into depictions of horror.

Take a picture or upload a photo, stick on a stamp, and finish off with a frame designed to intensify the terror.
Even though it only takes a few steps to create, the final transformations are so scary that you'll hesitate saving them on your own iPhone.

Not for children under 12 years old

We strived for "true horror."
This resulted in a higher age rating, but we have no regrets.

Astonishing quality with ease-of-use

The terrifying designs that we created are of stunning quality.
Combined with the app's ease-of-use, a delightful picture will be transformed into a frightening one in the blink of an eye.

Easily share the sense of horror

If your finished products are chilling, share them with your friends.
They are compatible with the standard cell phone size.

Please use caution when using

Avoid continuous use for a long period of time.
Do not show to young children.
We are not responsible for any trouble resulting from the content of this app.

Contents Included

*23 frames *40 stamps *15 colors of handwriting pens

PriPri Marron  Nenga 2010  SHAKIN' Change!